Target Agriculture


Target Agriculture is one of Asia’s biggest fruit exporters. After hiring me as graphic artist for their branding, they gave me the opportunity, to work as photographer as well. And this is what I found as my new passion. In the beginning, I did the shots on the inspection trips, photographing the farms, factories and the culture in
Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. After a while I was asked, if I could do the pictures for the products and also a shooting with models from the three exporting countries, presenting the fruits.
During my time at the television academy I’ve already been taught, how to use a camera and with a little help of some tutorials, I learned the right way to approach.

These are the results…


Logo and cooperate identity presentation

PDF (4,79 MB)




A little choice of the shootings from Sri Lanka, Vietnam  & Thailand.
The light setup was just a 500 W LED videolight and 5 clamp-lamps.


These shots are taken with a self-builded light tent. The materials are PVC tubes and connectors from a
do-it-yourself store and 6 m of white fabric from a local tailor. For the lightening I used 3 clamp-lamps.

Inspection and cultural shots

For the pictures from the inspections and cultural shots of Sri Lanka and Thailand you can check out the galleries
in the photography section in the moment. A gallery of these will follow here as soon as possible when I sorted the pictures of Vietnam…

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